Our Name

Why PilotPulse?

In our name, ‘Pilot’ represents our role in guiding and enhancing human decision-making with AI as a trusted co-pilot. ‘Pulse’ reflects our commitment to staying at the forefront of AI innovation, akin to how a dolphin uses echolocation to expertly navigate and understand its environment. 

Our Vision

As we move into the era of Generative AI, we see that AI technology will impact our lives even more. We at PilotPulse want to make the integration of AI into our everyday life and work the most seamless. Our vision is to create an AI landscape where technology not only complements but amplifies human capabilities, adhering to our human values. We see a future where AI is more than a tool, but a collaborator in progress, ethically and responsibly designed to synergize with human ingenuity and foster innovation.

Our Mission

Our mission at PilotPulse.ai is to be at the cutting edge of AI integration in various industries, ensuring our AI solutions are responsive and tailored to specific tasks, harmonizing with human expertise. We are committed to developing AI that upholds ethical standards and expands human potential. Our focus is on educating and adapting in this AI-enhanced age, aiming to alleviate fears and promote AI as a source of empowerment. We strive to lead humanity into a future where working alongside AI is not only efficient but also enriching and transformative.

Our Founders

Our founders collectively have decades of experience building and running technology products with AI functions, serving thousands of business and consumer users.

Zack (CK) Soh

Tech entrepreneur of over 10 years in mobility & education technology, serving thousands of drivers and students.

Founder, CEO & CTO roles, seasoned in driving tech products and implementing automation with AI.

Stanford educated in technology & management.

Richard Hu

Product director of listed engineering company. Led end-to-end product development and R&D covering both hardware and software for over 10 years.

Founder of a profitable ecommerce brands in USA & SEA.

Stanford educated in electrical engineering.