Whatsapp For Customer Engagement

Achieve Higher ROI Than Email & SMS

Broadcast Whatsapp messages to thousands of customers on your products, events & promotions. Personalise engagement & achieve higher read rate and conversions!

Manage Conversations In One Place

We provide a backend panel to personalise broadcasts and chat with customers individually over Whatsapp.

Easy Setup With Optional AI

Set up & integrate with your Whatsapp Business account quickly. Configure conversational AI optionally to handle more straightforward Q&A while humans focus on higher value conversations.

Omnichannel AI Chatbot For Your Customers

‘ChatGPT’ human-like AI supporting your customer team in engaging customers fast & accurately across social media channels

Customer Support

AI handles your straightforward customer issues while humans only focus on more complex cases.

Enquiries From New Leads

AI answers enquiries promptly, recommend products & gather leads for human follow up for higher conversion.

Personalised Outreach

AI can gather your target customers and proactively outreach with personalised messages.

AI – Human Hand Off

AI always plays a supporting role & hands over conversations to humans when needed.

Automation Solutions For Your Operations

We automate a range of tasks in your team’s operations and create seamless, end-to-end processes. ‘ChatGPT’ generative AI is selectively used to extend the scope of automation.

AI Chat For Staff on Ops, HR & IT

A “know-all” digital colleague who is always available to provide timely info & recommendations. Easily accessible on mobile for internal company use & powered by ‘ChatGPT’ AI. The AI builds and updates a knowledge base on your company documents, websites & databases.

 The chatbot empowers your team to respond swiftly and accurately to customers & critical business operations. Ask for real-time info, advice on handling unusual scenarios as well as internal HR/IT support.

The AI is always learning based on new information and human feedback, and increases your competitive advantage over time.

HR Recruitment AI Agent

HR recruitment & operations can be manpower intensive and time consuming.

We can help you implement Generative AI solutions that can create job descriptions (JD) faster, prioritise top matching candidates, validate candidates’ background, and schedule interviews.

You can restrict AI’s role to your comfort level, starting with more straightforward, independant tasks like scheduling and reminding on interviews on Whatsapp, before expanding its scope to the larger HR process.

& More…

Generative AI’s ability to create content, synthesize info, converse & perform actions has opened up a range of automation solutions. Talk to us to customise the right ones for you.

Handling Request For Quotations (RFQs)

Responding the RFQs swiftly and professionally with your quotation will give you much higher sales conversion. We can provide a quotation AI agent to support your team on various stages of the RFQ handling process, from clarifying with clients on missing info, getting quotes from your suppliers, and finally putting together the final quotation. 

Data Analytics Through Chat

You can have an AI chat that enables you to ask mission critical questions on business and operations information in your company documents, spreadsheets, and databases. With natural language capability, you do not need to learn how to navigate a business intelligence system to get answers for more straightforward business questions.

AI Analysis Of User Reviews & Feedback

Customer reviews & feedback are key in improving your products and services to stay ahead and build customer loyalty. You can use AI to identify recurring feedback points and customer sentiments in reviews gathered from social media and emails in freeform text.

It’s time to differentiate from your competitors

Talk to us to better understand what AI automation can do for your business.